Word counting pen

This is one of those ideas that might be useless or it doesn’t really try to solve a problem or anything. With the fever of wearable devices, I thought that it would be nice to have a pen that helps (middle, high, college etc.) students write their essays (an still use pen). The pen would have a display that will count the number of words a user has written, and vibrate to announce him that he misspelled a word.

The biggest problem is that nobody uses pens to write their essays, everything is done on the computer nowadays.

EDIT: looks like someone invented this http://www.lernstift.com/index_en.html

Physical Interaction and Augmented Reality

The idea is pretty simple (and somewhat general): create an application that provides physical feedback when interacting with virtual objects. Physical feedback may consist of visual (LEDs), sound (sequence of musical notes), haptic (tactile, stylus, vibration motor etc.), smell (although hard to implement) or taste (still hard to implement). Examples where such application could be developed: medicine, games (some applications exit: kinect, wii, PS3, NGP), education, engineering (engine, car building etc.), etc.