Web Developer – Test 1

Test level: Beginner (Basic questions about Web Services and Web principles)

Test time: (max) 45 minute


1. Similarities and differences between XML and JSON and their usage. (Think of Web Services and applications)

2. The following URI is given:


Explain its components.

3. What are MIME types. Can you give some examples of MIME types and their usage?

4. How would two Web Services, one SOAP the other REST, differ from each other?

5. (Follow up to the previous question) What are the key components of these two Web Services (one SOAP and one REST)? — how would you design each.

6. What do CRUD, HTTP and persistent storage have in common?

7. POST/Redirect/GET is a web development design pattern used when/in the context of …. (complete the statement)

8. HEAD and GET are both HTTP safe methods but the main difference between them is that … (complete the statement)

9. cookies and sessions what are they all about. (usage and differences)

10. (Bonus question) Same-origin Policy and JSONP — what do they have in common.

DOM and Javascript – Test 1

Test level: Beginner – Mid-Intermediate

Test time: (max) 30 minute


1. Explain DOM bubbling and capture.

2. What is the difference between ‘==’ and ‘===’ ? (classic JavaScript question)

3. What does “1”+5+2 evaluate to? What about 6 + 3 + “8”?

4. What is the difference between ‘undefined’ value and ‘null’ value?

5. Difference between ‘window.onload’ and ‘document.onload’? What about the ‘onDocumentReady’ (‘DOMContentLoaded’)?

6. What are Javascript closures ?When would you use them?

7. What is the difference between:

<button id="myButton" onclick="alert('hello!');"> Say Hello! </button>

document.getElementById('myButton').onclick = function(){

var el = document.getElementById('myButton')
el.addEventListener( 'click', function(){
}, false);

8. What is Javascript namespacing? Why and where would you use it?

9. How would you alert the string ‘foobar’ after a 10 second delay. (simple yet effective task)

10. What’s the difference between these two statements:

var x = 5;
x = 5;


A useful and up to date tool  for video bloggers, would be a HTML5 video recording and editing service. Bloggers want to capture, video podcasts via their phone or laptop camera directly from their browser. At the same time they want the possibility to add songs from soundcloud, annotations, translations for their video podcast and publish it all in their browser extension/web application.

Bonus: Filter effects.



Gauss Grading App

Develop a client base application that helps professors grade on a curve. More precisely the grading will be done on a Gauss curve and the application will allow grading only on that curve. The data will be imported via a .csv (Comma Separated Values) file and it will be sorted and presented in a table.

The application will also allow some grades to be adjusted and modified in order to fit the Gauss curve.

The last feature is exporting the data in .pdf format.