Digital Inheritance

A technology savvy grandpa wants to decide how to divide his inheritance to his current family and future family. For this reason he wants an application which facilitate his decision and also be able to send it in a digital/physical format. Part of his fortune he wants to divided as bitcoin (or similar digital currency), another part as gift certificates to several online stores and another part as physical currency. Another large part of his fortune consists of paintings, digital photos, books (digital and physical format), and miscellaneous.

The application will monitor the activity of his family on social networks over an extensive period of time and draw insights into the preferences of each family member, on social status, income, education/grades and perspectives. Based on this factors the application will be able to suggest (the suggestion will be based on the grandpa options: he wants a person most likely to succeed, he wants to help those in need, he wants someone he can trust, he wants to fix someone’s life etc.) one or more likely candidates.

  • Requirements:
  • Programming Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Designer Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Other Skills: ;
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