Teach someone how to dance by using augmented reality, and a series of predefined dance moves/genres. User will be able to select the dance/movements he wants to learn depending on the condition (with or without a partner). Let users know if their movement was wrong or correct.

Bonus: visualize dance movements performed by the user.

Futuristic devices & inventions available now

Here is a list of devices & inventions that caught my eye or I consider them to be somewhat revolutionary. Some you can by now and some you can preorder.


An interesting related read: Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction

You can also build you own device using the different hardware prototyping platforms listed here: IoT part 2

Physical Interaction and Augmented Reality

The idea is pretty simple (and somewhat general): create an application that provides physical feedback when interacting with virtual objects. Physical feedback may consist of visual (LEDs), sound (sequence of musical notes), haptic (tactile, stylus, vibration motor etc.), smell (although hard to implement) or taste (still hard to implement). Examples where such application could be developed: medicine, games (some applications exit: kinect, wii, PS3, NGP), education, engineering (engine, car building etc.), etc.