Draw by sound(s)

There is the popular game Paint by number for kids, where kids follow the numbers in order to paint (with a certain color indicated by the numbers) or just follow the numbers when drawing a line. In the same idea, use sounds in order to paint/draw a certain picture. Use simple sounds that are easy to identify (such as alphabet sounds: A, B, C etc.) and assign each sound to a certain color. The application will identify the sound and pain the corresponding region of a painting/image.

Try experimenting with complex sounds or even musical instruments.

A variation of this application can be adapted for visually¬† impaired people who have to recognize sounds in order to “draw” something.

  • Requirements:
  • Programming Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Designer Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Other Skills: ;
  • Similar projects: probably there are a few but I couldn’t find them.

Origami Designer

Create a origami designer application.The application will come with a set of predefined shapes and suggest (based on the size of the paper) where the folds and creases should be, the number of papers needed to create a certain shape. It will also provide a 3D model of the shape and means to view steps in 3D.

The application will offer support to create new shapes.


Flashcards app

The idea behind this application is pretty simple: make an application that will help you make and use flashcards. Keep score of the cards you got right and provide a mechanism for creating flash cards. The challenge comes when you have to give the answer and verify it (via voice or text input; how much of the answer you got right would be a nice feature for complex answers).

Bonus: Automatically generate flashcards using semantic web technologies and also create and environment in which this game could be played collaboratively.


What to wear today app

Some people find it hard to find the right clothes they need for an event (formal dinner, job interview etc.) especially with what they have in their closet. An application which helps you pick the right clothes for any occasion based on what you have in your closet (don’t have the right clothes – gives you shopping/renting options nearby), what you previously like to wear and fits your style. The application might give you suggestions on what colour or clothes (pants + jacket) combination to wear (depending on the occasion, weather, season etc.).

Shopping recommendations based on the season and sales available in each shop could be features available in such an application.

Bonus: Using semantic web technologies to develop this application.

  • Requirements: ;
  • Programming Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Designer Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Other Skills: Fashion sense;
  • Similar projects:

Digital Legacy Box

Our grandparents and parents stored all their pictures and memories in boxes (or house attics), with the intent of leaving a reminder for their children or grandchildren. But as the new generation comes most of our pictures and memories aren’t stored in physical boxes like the ones our grandparents gave us, but on computers (or on the “cloud”). Also considering worldwide the number of digital pictures increases annually (further reading ), what are we going to leave our children/relatives? (lots and lots of GB for them to make sense of)

The idea is to design and Develop a Digital Legacy Box (DLB) application where people can leave reminders for their relatives after they pass away. The application will encompass travels, important life changes etc. by linking different accounts of a certain person (facebook, twitter, flickr, linkedin, travel apps, etc.) and display them to the relatives after that person passed away.

Bonus: How do we distinguish between a person passing away and one who stopped using social networks ?

Creative Coding Resources

Here are a few creative applications resources and creative coding examples:


Data sources: http://www.visualizing.org/data/browse