Picture Mosaic Generator

Develop a application which allows to generate a mosaic wallpaper, from a set of (selected) pictures from flickr, instagram, facebook etc. The application will take advantage of HTML5 API (drag and drop, local storage etc.) and will also feature several methods of generating mosaics (based on a initial image, grid layout, list layout etc.)


Audio annotation tool

Build a web application which facilitates annotating audio files using tags, images or making use of a taxonomy.
The application will allow annotating portions of a audio file (using mouse selection) or the whole audio file.

Users will have at their disposal either an autocomplete field or a selection of suggested tags to annotate the audio file as a whole or portions of it.


  • Requirements: HTML5 audio API; http://angularjs.org/
  • Programming Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Designer Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Other Skills: ;
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