Social Ancestry

Develop a (Web) application which will allow a person to follow up on its ancestors or to store information for his heirs. The application will gather information from social networks (foursquare, twitter, facebook, flickr, dropbox etc.) and compose a time lime of a person/generation/family branch. Future generation will be able to access information regarding members of their family, where they live, travelled, what were some important highlights of their life on a social network, what medical conditions they suffered from and other important information.

The digital footprint each generation/person leaves on a social network will be stored on the application (“relevant” information only) as some social networks fade or are replaced by new ones.

Bonus: Develop a visualization solution for such an application.

  • Requirements:
  • Programming Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Designer Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced;
  • Other Skills: ;
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