New Test Category

As of this month (January 2014) I will be introducing a new category of post on IdeaSource website namely the Tests category which will include a series of questions with different levels of difficulty (Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced) from different areas such as:

  • HTML5 API’s
  • CSS/CSS3
  • Web Design
  • UX/IxD
  • Semantic Web
  • OWL
  • SVG
  • maybe Javascript libraries (I will see if possible).

I will post the tests as often as I find the time (starting next week). The answers will only be available if a lot of people request them (give me a reply on twitter for that).

The idea behind this new category is to prepare people for job interviews in the fields of UX/IxD, Web, Semantic Web, Front-End development.

Another good resource to review regarding job interviews is:

New project ideas will be posted as I find the time to do so.

50 Ideas Mark

Last post was the 50th idea I posted here, and while I enjoy posting new ideas, I also like implementing them or seeing them developed.

Some of the ideas posted here were developed and here is a gallery of them:

I don’t know when I will be able to post new ideas (all the posts until 18th of June, including this one, were scheduled) because 2013 is a busy year for me, but expect more ideas & resources soon.

One year old

Idea Source project is one year old and many more ideas& resources are still to come (as of January 2013 – there are 19 scheduled Ideas + 2 Resources posts & 1 News post).

Data – excluding unpublished posts:

  • 3 – News type posts
  • 8 – Resources type posts
  • 32 – Ideas type posts


While I wanted this to be an open blog for resources and ideas that encourages conversation, in the past year I had to close the comment system and the add your idea page (mainly due to the large number of spammers and hacking attempts).

I also added google ads in the page, and if they generate some profit, I will donate the money to a cause or use it to develop a project idea (I’ll let you know when that happens).