Commuters Application

There are a lot of commuters these days (from students to business people, from working people to travellers) and they all need to get at their destination on time. Imagine a mobile application that syncs your alarm clock with the bus/train/subway/tram traffic schedule or accordingly with the car traffic. If the traffic has a good status (not too crowded or overcrowded) it will let you sleep more. If you get an important e-mail with a meeting it will sync with the traffic and let you know exactly when you need to get out the door to be on time for the meeting.

Options like the ones below must be available:

  • today I would like to take the car/bus/train/subway/tram/walk ;
  • legal holidays to let you sleep more;
  • routing options;
  • automatic e-mails to the people attending the meeting to let them know you are running late.